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hey johndarnielle why isn’t there a mountain goats song called “going to hell”

there was one, back in the very very early days. there was also a “going to mars.” I really liked “going to mars” but I think maybe “going to hell” did not measure up to the title, I don’t recall anything specifically about it but a loose feeling of “nope, not good enough, let’s just move on.” I haven’t written a “going to” song in God knows how many years (unless you count the unrecorded unreleased written-in-2001-for-Tallahassee song “Going to Federal Prison,” which I don’t) but if I do, which I probably won’t, it’ll be “going to hell 2”

hell 2 will be like earth 2, except in hell

"“Weird-shaped” is a strange qualifer isn’t it? Everything here hinges so heavily on the idea that men who are not a certain size are somehow “weird-shaped”–it hinges on unsteady perceptions. It hinges on a minority of men dictating what is and is not “weird-shaped”–and rationing love and respect accordingly. It also hinges on how many of us are going to buy into this fucking myth of perfection–and into the idea that we’re not perfect as we are." »


This is the best thing I’ve read on Medium so far.

“Defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.”

xkcd: Free Speech (alt text)


colonialist occupation where the side of the poor, unable to leave or move around, and kept in perpetual instability experience far more civilian loss and casualty is not “a conflict where both sides are equally at fault,” i don’t get why people don’t understand that, ok bai



Captain America in a turban! I filmed this fun segment with SIKH CAPTAIN AMERICA for “Totally Biased with W, Kamau Bell.”

If people are freaking out about a Black Captain America, how would they deal with a SIKH CAPTAIN AMERICA? 

so good

“Still, she loves the world for being rude and indestructible, and she knows other people must love it too, poor as well as rich, though no one speaks specifically of the reasons. Why else do we struggle to go on living, no matter how compromised, no matter how harmed? Even if we’re further gone than Richard, even if we’re fleshless, blazing with lesions, shitting in the sheets; still, we want desperately to live. It has to do with all of this, she thinks.”

– Michael Cunningham, The Hours