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30th November 2011

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Rawktumblr: Why these lists all seem so weird and bad, or how we drowned in the buzz ocean at last →


Underground scenes used to be characterized more by great but short-lived bands, right? (Minor Threat, the Smiths, etc.) Groups like R.E.M. were these huge exceptions. Now, thanks to more fans and licensing money and whatever else, bands are much more able to eke out these longer middle-class…

I feel like this was a year of many decent records and few great records. Last year, my top ten list was filled with albums I REALLY cared about, and my connection with them has only deepened over time. This year, other than a few exceptions, I am still totally unsure what is going to make it.

However, as far as live music goes, this has been the best year of my life.

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  1. bmichael said: i asked a notable music writer back in, oh, june if he’d heard the new panda bear and he was like ‘no’. i said it had been out ‘for a while’, and he scoffed. (i like ‘surfers hymn’ quite a bit, still)
  2. likeapairofbottlerockets said: lol @ jeremy’s comment
  3. lafontusa said: hm. are these phenomena (indie bands upstreaming and scoring radio hits and expanding their fanbases; cult favorites being revived by music writers on a nostalgia trip) new? or just new to you?
  4. airgordon said: There was a Bon Iver record this year?