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“A young friend of mine, who had gone through period of cutting herself eventually mailing me the knife which now sits on my recording desk, found herself still a teenager and pregnant. She knew that it was not time for her to be a parent to her future child but she could love him or her when it good for them both. She called this vanished baby “little jizzo”. It was so striking to me that she could have an abortion out of love. The song is also a big FUCK YOU to the Right wing in America. The music came from using 2 modular synth by flower and the cheapest fake brass samples I could find. Greg Saunier of Deerhoof plays drums.”

Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart on his new song, “I Luv Abortion.” What is amazing about Stewart is that he’s always sort of trolling, but at the same time, he’s entirely sincere and his music comes from an emotionally honest place. That’s why Xiu Xiu have never felt cheap to me, despite their often in-your-face-offensive subject matter (by which I mean, say, incest, not abortion, which I don’t find offensive). (via judyxberman)