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31st May 2012

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1) A once-buzzy music/youth culture magazine, now much better known for their TV/video/documentary products, publishes abhorrent, brutally sexist review. (No one has had a meaningful conversation about a review in this magazine in at least a decade.)

2) A pop culture writer screengrabs it, puts…

This isn’t like a game that is won or lost by something happening. This is about the institutional sexism in our society. Expressing anger is really important in this case, as it’s an emotional reaction that women are often denied the privilege of. It doesn’t matter at all to me if the douche bag who wrote it apologizes - I’m pretty sure he’ll still be a sexist asshole. I’m just glad people are talking about it. The “publicity” that VICE got from this, at least as far as I’ve seen, has been universal disgust and anger.

Judy intentionally screenshotted the review to avoid giving VICE traffic. She is one of the head editors at Flavorwire and knows exactly how important trollgazey posts like this can be for a site like that. I thought the way she addressed it was brilliant - she didn’t need to actually criticize the review because the review is awful enough to speak for itself.

Bottom line: this isn’t about winning or “internet drama,” this is about a really important ongoing struggle towards ending sexism.  

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  2. solikewise said: consciousness is rarely raised by being on the receiving end of anger – so it all becomes a game that goes nowhere – uplifting, forgiving voices would create an entirely different dynamic, with different results..