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Adventures In Channel Surfing At 30,000 Feet

  • Lifetime show: “My Life Is A Lifetime Movie”
  • There’s really a show about T.I.???
  • T.I. is schooling his kid on how to “swag out”
  • This is like IRL Queen of Jordan
  • Now T.I.’s wife is filming a talk show? She’s not very good at it.
  • Meanwhile, on Univision, people look very concerned and give each other shocked looks while holding cell phones. Something that could be a buzzy new chillwave single plays in the background.
  • Fuck it, watching The Simpsons.
  • Nevermind, this sucks too.
  • Dear god it’s a nature show presented by Walmart.
  • Aaaand watching crazy survivalists.
  • Is some guy selling drugs?
  • Just learned that Brooklyn is one of NYC’s 5 boroughs! 
  • oh yay, it’s the DEA!
  • PEOPLE PUT COCAINE IN PUPPIES?!?!!!?! : ( : ( : (
  • Idk who is more immoral, the DEA or drug gang members
  • Cut to holiday gifts for pets ad
  • I wonder if ANYONE knows how many American reality shows there are.
  • "This unit sucks, all we found is a bunch of bug spray and porn"
  • Seinfeld. Finally. 
  • James Bond themed TJ Maxx commercial
  • wow they are playing a song I used to really like and forgot about