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18th April 2012

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When I ask someone, ‘What have you been listening to?’ I’m trying to learn something about them. The one-line ‘This is my jam’ approach is useless to me, because your relationship to the song in question— beyond the fact that you like it and want to share it— is completely unknown. The fact that someone would find music interesting purely by virtue of the fact that I am listening to it is foreign to me. What I listen to does not seem notable; why I listen to it might be. I need context.

Mark Richardson on This Is My Jam and the trappings of “sharing” culture in the latest Resonant Frequency. (via pitchfork)

Really enjoyed this.

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26th June 2011

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Sometimes albums start to feel like companions. You go from putting them on for fun to putting them on to study them to putting them on to soundtrack your life to putting them on because you want the music in the room with you, maybe even because you feel a little lonely without it. You can lean on these records. And before you know it, you’re asking every friend in earshot whether they’ve heard it and what they think of it because you want them to understand something about you that you yourself might not be quite clear on but which seems vitally important.
— Beginning of Mark Richardson’s amazing column about EMA that for some reason I didn’t read until right now. 

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