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“Life for those outside these prisons is also fraught with peril. Hundreds of rabbis signed an edict forbidding landlords from renting apartments to non-Jews. Certain cities, concerned with Israel’s growing African population, have threatened to close. On Hanukkah, prominent government officials organized “banish the darkness” anti-migrant rallies; on Purim, high-schoolers have dressed up as Ku Klux Klansmen. Asylum seekers lucky enough to own businesses have had those establishments torched, their houses firebombed. An infant was stabbed while in her African mother’s arms at Tel Aviv’s central bus station.”

– Great Wondering Sound piece full of upsetting facts. 

“The future is always just a metaphor for something better than where we are now.”

Mike Powell, "Our Own Private Saturns" (via fieryfalcon)

For Gillis, Pimp C is as legitimate a force as the Moody Blues, and Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart” as powerful as Nirvana’s “Lithium”. Wittingly or not, this is utopia. Listen and you will realize that the horniness that both Rod Stewart and Lil Wayne feel is the same. Laugh now, but somewhere outside us, in the great interpersonal cloud we call culture, the needle has moved. 

Wow, this is so, so good. 


Day 284: Uncle Dusty

Hey- this is a new Wandy. Wandy is a real band now, and we will be putting out an EP soon…? This is a song about domestic ideas I think (Jacob and your heart are the only things that can say what it is TRULY about)- This one- unlike most Wandys- does not use any feedback loops, but makes heavy use of SK-1 as the main instrument (drums and organ). The keyboard lead was played by Zane during his second take of hearing the song. The production and… a lot of it was heavily Alex G. inspired.

Please Listen!!!
Justice McThanks

This is a good song.