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When the last days come
We shall see visions
More vivid than sunsets
Brighter than stars

We will recognize each other
And see ourselves for the first time
The way we really are

“I just turned 27 and I feel like I’m at this very special and important age that I’m not trying to take for granted. We have a lot of experience under our belt but we’re still young, and we’re still willing to plunge into new territory, try out new things, and take risks. People aren’t set in their ways and tired yet. Things are kinda tough but we’re all going to find our way. It’s hard, but if we just keep doing whatever we’re doing, we keep getting better, and there’s hope for us.”

Jane Chardiet (musical artist, photographer, writer and Pharmakon’s sister) on New York City. She and her partner in crime Ciarra Black talked to me about their new project Appetite for Wondering Sound. 

How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream 1 (Orchestral Version)