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pretty cool i think most of this was filmed on one of those hacked kinnect cameras. i feel like this was too short to really explore the subject though. 

I live in one of the two loft buildings known as “McKibbin.” Someone came and filmed a student documentary about it. It’s pretty cute and pretty funny if you live here or have at least been in the building. And it stars my roommate Molly! (She was the only one home that day.)

shot from my old bedroom in my first apartment in the city

shot from my old bedroom in my first apartment in the city

“Crane says. “I want to remove everything icky from discovering underground art.” He motions downstairs. “I want New York to have one of these. I don’t want people to think New York City is full of cliques of swill.””

Village Voice on Silent Barn

“Walk the stretch of Church Ave. from the B/Q Church station to the F/G Church station, preferably on a weekend or during the evening rush hour. You will pass a Golden Krust, an Islamic center, a Mexican hole-in-the-wall that sometimes advertises tamales via hand-written sign, a West Indian place, a synagogue, a halal market, Polish meat markets, a place that advertises tax preparation in several Eastern European languages, a couple Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi markets. You will pass Orthodox Jews in those black hats, women in hijab, women in saris, dudes in track suits, neighbors calling across the street to each other, parents herding a gaggle of parka’d children toward the bus.”

What to do if you’re falling out of love with New York

Amazing post.