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25th March 2012

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The Mountain Goats & Owen Pallett - Ecstatic Music Festival - 03/24/12 - NYC

This was pretty amazing.


The Mountain Goats & Owen Pallett - Ecstatic Music Festival - 03/24/12 - NYC

This was pretty amazing.

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24th March 2012

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The Mountain Goats are joined by the vocal quartet Anonymous 4 in a collaborative presentation of songs from Transcendental Youth, a new work by John Darnielle (pictured) of the Mountain Goats (“one of America’s most startling lyricists,” Boston Globe). Anonymous 4, celebrating their 25th anniversary, are famous for their purity of tone and astounding blend, gaining wide recognition for their intense scholarship and attention to historical context, both in medieval and early American repertoire.

Transcendental Youth features new songs from Darnielle, heard here in special arrangements for voices, piano and guitar by the acclaimed musical polymath Owen Pallett. The songs visit a small community on Puget Sound in Washington, north of Seattle at the foot of Glacier Peak, and are inhabited by the mournful voices of the isolated and the lost in motels and apartment complexes around Snohomish County.

A short solo Mountain Goats set begins the evening, followed by Anonymous 4 performing selections from their rich catalog in a program curated by both Darnielle and A4, and concluding with the collaborative performance.


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14th January 2012

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Celine Dion is fucking awesome. Final Fantasy is fucking awesome. I need to remember to blog this like once a quarter. 

<333333 Owen Pallett

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17th November 2011

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The Mountain Goats and Owen Pallett Collaborate on New Work | News | Pitchfork →


The Mountain Goats will perform a special set on March 24, at the Merkin Concert Hall on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, as part of the Ecstatic Music Festival. John Darnielle will debut songs from a new collection, Transcendental Youth, with the vocal quartet Anonymous 4. The songs have been arranged for voice, piano, and guitar by Owen Pallett.

im crying with joy


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26th July 2011

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Owen Pallett - Hard To Explain (Strokes Cover)

Better than the original. 

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16th July 2011

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I love it when Owen Pallett baits people on Twitter.



I love it when Owen Pallett baits people on Twitter.


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25th March 2011

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[Would you say that Radiohead would be your contemporaries?]

Radiohead are another world, another continent. I see it all the time when I have bands who are friends of mine — Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire and Dirty Projectors — who go from tours in tiny little cars supporting a band I might be in to having a crew of 50 people setting up their stage and with their own lightening rig and in ear monitors and I’m like ‘you guys have left North America and now inhabit a different world, the one with Radiohead.’

[But certainly you’re no stranger to that world.]

I get to go to the same parties as that world.

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23rd March 2011

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Sondre Lerche - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (Owen Pallett Cover) 

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1st January 2011


UTR: Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares?

OP: Kanye West is in my dreams a lot these days. He’s pretty nice in my dreams, just like you’d expect.

— Owen Pallet, from an interview in Under the Radar

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22nd December 2010

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Playing madlibs with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, example:

We drove to The Home of Beef and got drunk on the beach
Got a motel and built a compost toilet out of sheets
I finally found you, my missing goblin fingernail, I’m Dan Quayle.
Let’s go all the way tonight
No Thom’s Lazy Eye, just taco pants
We can headbang until we die
You and I
We’ll be Goonies forever
You make me feel like I’m pummeling a teenage dream
The way you tickle me with your urine stream, I can’t sleep
Let’s have fun and don’t ever mong fish, don’t ever mong fish

—Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), at Pitchfork. (via flavorpill)

Owen Pallett continues to succeed in making everything so much better. 

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