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6th February 2012

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Mild rage keeping me awake this morning. 

Mild rage keeping me awake this morning. 

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6th February 2012

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The words “personal” and “dark” have been referenced in Paralytic’s promotional lead-up, but without a lyric sheet, it’s nearly impossible to tell that Barnes is singing about anything, save for the surprisingly straightforward “Malefic Dowery”, which goes back to the the subject of infidelity. I don’t doubt that this is a personal album for Barnes, but on Hissing Fauna, that was obvious— all you had to do was listen. Here, we’re left sorting through lyrics like, “True love never mattered/ The two donkey jaws that were removed from our hearing.”
— This is a really frustrating paragraph and reminds me strongly of the Klosterman/tUnE-yArDs stuff. I put on the album (which is still growing on me, and I agree with TMT is his best since Hissing Fauna) as I was reading this, and I don’t understand how he could be confused as to what Kevin is singing about, even from the first real song. “Nothing happens for a reason/There’s no point even pretending/You know the sad truth as well as I." Seems pretty clear to me? 

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18th October 2011

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17th October 2011

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When you see Ryan [Schreiber] of Pitchfork standing in the front of the stage alone, tweeting, and buying a T-shirt from the band afterwards, you know something good is gonna happen from that. →



Jenny Eliscu, Rolling Stone contributing editor: Surfer Blood never did reach the buzz heights for which they seemed poised. Ultimately, ’cause they’re a pretty boring band, I think.

*Pumps fist*


Kanine: I remember the first year Chairlift played they were bummed as hardly anyone came to see them. But the next year they got a ton of buzz from getting an iPod commercial [and] everyone was dying to see them. The press people all seem to like to talk about the same 10 bands instead of championing new bands on their own. Unfortunately 90% of the press just works that way.

This sorta made me want to puke.

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