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“Somewhere in the course of Radiohead’s weirdly revealing interview with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, singer Thom Yorke joked that the band was still waiting on its Beatles-arriving-at-JFK moment, in which the band is welcomed to New York with great fanfare and hysteria. The joke was meant to be self-deprecating. Of course, once you adjust for inflation — or, since this is the music industry, for deflation — it’s easy to see that Radiohead did just get showered with exactly that much attention, or as much of it as is going to accrue to a rock band anytime soon.”

Reading Nitsuh’s Radiohead piece.

Does anyone want me to pull out my B- earning first semester of college essay on how Radiohead are The Beatles of our generation!?! BECAUSE I WILL.


John Darnielle || “No Surprises (Radiohead cover)”

Part two in the series is this cover of “No Surprises” from Radiohead’s (best album, yeah I said it) The Bends Ok Computer. (No idea which synapse misfired to produce this mixup, mea culpa maxima, etc.) Once again, Darnielle’s delivery and mode of recording is wildly different from the original, but the sheer fragility on display makes the song his own.


[Would you say that Radiohead would be your contemporaries?]

Radiohead are another world, another continent. I see it all the time when I have bands who are friends of mine — Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire and Dirty Projectors — who go from tours in tiny little cars supporting a band I might be in to having a crew of 50 people setting up their stage and with their own lightening rig and in ear monitors and I’m like ‘you guys have left North America and now inhabit a different world, the one with Radiohead.’

[But certainly you’re no stranger to that world.]

I get to go to the same parties as that world.

Spin interviews Owen Pallett.