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tumbling presence: All Ten Female Guitarists on SPIN's New 100 List »


Yikes. No woman in the top 20? Okay, Spin. Fine. Be that way. 


27 PJ Harvey
39 Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag)
56 Kim and Kelley Deal (The Breeders)
77 Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females)
82 Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses)
84 Lydia Lunch
87 Marnie Stern
91 Viv Albertine (the Slits)
93 Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

Can’t really fuck with this top…

“‘Bob Dylan’ is not his real name. The ‘Ramones’ were not related. ‘Sun Ra’ was from Alabama, not Saturn. The Strokes’ dads are not plumbers. ‘Rick Ross’… look, we don’t have time for this. Yes, Internet, and God bless you for devoting most of the past half-year exclusively to pointing this out, Lana Del Rey is a pose, a persona, a version 2.0, at least, the contrivance of a messy, wayward, unformed, aspiring pop star rummaging through closets and clutching at borrowed pearls. Desperate to be what she thinks you want her to be. Calculated, malleable, untrustworthy, fumbling indelicately for ‘her’ voice or a voice that’s ‘real.’ As the Bard wrote: ‘I can change / I can change / I can change / I can change / If it makes you fall in love.’”

Spin: Lana del Rey - Born to Die

Can Rob Harvilla review all of the albums?

(via airgordon)

“3. EMA, “California”
EMA dubbed her signature song a “rap ballad” and she performs it like a time-lapse corner-boy soliloquy, squinting through a 3 a.m. hangover haze, theatrically summoning Tupac’s out-on-bail-fresh-outta-jail compulsion as much as PJ Harvey’s mystical swagger. No California love here, though, homie”

Spin’s incomprehensible love letter to EMA. I love this song. I see they were trying to do something loose and cool here. But what do these two sentences actually MEAN?! “Time-laps corner-boy soliloquy”?! (via judyxberman)

And the award for worst two sentences written this year goes to…

[Would you say that Radiohead would be your contemporaries?]

Radiohead are another world, another continent. I see it all the time when I have bands who are friends of mine — Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire and Dirty Projectors — who go from tours in tiny little cars supporting a band I might be in to having a crew of 50 people setting up their stage and with their own lightening rig and in ear monitors and I’m like ‘you guys have left North America and now inhabit a different world, the one with Radiohead.’

[But certainly you’re no stranger to that world.]

I get to go to the same parties as that world.

Spin interviews Owen Pallett. 

Anonymous asked: where did you get that picture of James Murphy that you' licking ? haha
what magazine is it from? (if it is from a magazine)

Lolz of course this is what it took to get someone to ask me a question. It’s from Spin, I think the issue was December. It had a bunch of different covers and he was on one of them. 

“One way James [Murphy] changed the way we work is by having us commit to an idea and not hide behind what he calls ‘blurriness.’ Things like dance music, or AC/DC, are so direct, but people are afraid of that, so they drench their songs in production or affectation. Even if it’s cheesy, either commit or don’t do it.”

Free Energy lead singer Paul Sprangers, as quoted by Steve Kandell in the Jan./Feb. 2011 issue of SPIN (via desnoise)

Yes! I have been thinking about this quote since I read it. I really like this idea. 

And yes, two LCD posts in a row.