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“Finally the greatest thing about Manhattan is the worst thing about Manhattan: self-actualization. Here you will be free to stretch yourself to your limit, to find the beach that is yours alone. But sooner or later you will be sitting on that beach wondering what comes next. I can see my own beach ahead now, as the children grow, as the practical limits fade; I see afresh the huge privilege of my position; it reclarifies itself. Under the protection of a university I live on one of the most privileged strips of built-up beach in the world, among people who believe they have no limits and who push me, by their very proximity, into the same useful delusion, now and then.”

Zadie Smith, Find Your Beach

As of yesterday, I’ve been in this city for four years.

“For the third time since sunrise you see men in gas masks sweeping the highway. It’s dusk. They are approaching the overpass where you hide in the weeds. You can only guess, but guesses are better than nothing: you calculate your chances of escaping unnoticed at 15 percent. When the nearest of them is close enough for you to hear the sound of the gravel underneath his yellow rubber boots, you know that the time has come for you to act.”

– This passage from John Darnielle’s new novel is perfect. In context, it’s part of the introduction text to a video game his protagonist has designed. But it could be the lyrics to a Mountain Goats song, and it would be a good one. I can almost hear him singing “15%” in that way he injects overly specific details into his otherwise enigmatic lyrics. This is why JD is such an incredible writer: even when it’s a piece of exposition with easy to nail down, extremely precise meaning, what he produces feels mysteriously personal, like a story you once told that you’ve now forgotten. And he does it every time. 

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I guess I’m gonna start being one of those assholes who posts a list of shit they wrote every week. I promise I will only post stuff I’m genuinely really psyched about, and I’m gonna include some other people’s stuff too because all I do is read on the internet and I love you all. 

~~by me, for ANIMAL~~

Facebook Experiment Manipulates Emotions Of 600,000 Users - this is some crazy shit

'Cuphead' Video Game Looks Like A 1930's Cartoon <—- so sick

Artist Accepting Reservations For “Dream Cage” In Bushwick - sadly already taken off Airbnb

Experience Being A Rock In “Rock Simulator 2014” - why do I think this is so funny

~~by me, for other places~~

How To Dress Well, “What Is This Heart?” Review - Rolling Stone

~~other people~~

Scary New Congressional Bill Would Force Medication on Some Mentally Ill People by David Grossman for Alternet

Home Is Where the Hatred Is by Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic


Koons, The Koons, and Me: An Encounter with the Art Star Jeff Koons by Hari Nef for BlackBook


“My hope is to give people who are interested some entrée into further reading, and also to credit the antecedents to my own thinking. Perhaps most importantly, I wish to return to one of the original features of blogging—the documentation of public thinking. I would suggest that more writers, more academics, and more journalists do this, and do so honestly. It have come to believe that arguing with the self is as important as arguing with the broader world.”

– This is really cool - Ta-Nehisi Coates is doing a “narrative bibliography" of his reparations piece in four parts. Really fascinating and I think the above is a fantastic recommendation.